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About us

On this page we like to present us.
We are Heike, Thomas and our 3 Newfoundland dogs. We live in a little village 20 km in the west of Hannover in Niedersachsen.
Heike works as a tech. assistent of molekular biology in theVeterinary Highschool Hannover.Thomas works in a company which produces and sales articles for dogs.
Our hobbys are our 3 Newfoundland dogs. Everytime if it is possibleour girls go with us.
The first newfoundland was a male. He comes to us in 1991.
Unfortunately he died to young only with 6 years.
In 1995 Anna-Belle reached our home. With her we liked to breed and so our kennel "from Otto´s bears cove" was born .In the november of 1995 the kennel gets the licence from DNK and FCI.But our Anna-Belle didn´t get puppies.
In 1997 Karla arrived us, but she was not allowed to get puppies, because she has HD-D.
In the year 2000 Trinity´s Heart of Danish Dynamite (called DiDi) completed the Newfoundland herd.DiDi is our show dog and this year in may she gets her first puppies.