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Paula's Karla - Mum's "Puffelchen"

short description:

* 17.03.1997

HD: D1

Heart: clear

we don't breed with her
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In the evening on 1997/07/16 Karla reached in a very difficult time our home.
We lost our Newfoundland "Otto", the founder name of our kennel,by heart sickness (Dil. Kardiomypathie ) at the age of only 6 years.
Our other newf Anna-Belle was so sad, that she didn´t eat anything during two days.
So we need an other Newfoundland. After many telephone calls we found a new newf by the kennel Paula´s by Renate Schrader and Heinz Bielecke. It was Karla. When Karla arrived at our home, she was so nice with so much charme, so Anna-Belle and Mum were surprised from this yound bear. After few days Anna-Belle started with learning to make a newf-lady from this little nice lout.( If you are acquainted Karla- so you know Anna-Belle finished her job only by 80 % )
About shows- Karla was the winner of the youth-class in Berlin -Lübars with 12 months.In the open class karla got some exellent in Germany and Denmark.
Karla likes shows more as a visitor then as an active showdog. In our kennel is "Puffelchen" DiDi´s personal bodyguard. In 2002 Karla became sick by slipped disc, so we were afraid to lose her.
Fortunately Karla´s great fighting spirit win about the sickness and now she makes her job like before as bodyguard. In future she will works very hard as the 1. guard officer by the babys of DiDi.